Vermonters ‘rock’ the status quo with kindness

Good News Notes:

When you can be anything, why not be kind? Using their art skills, that’s the message behind the Vermont Rocks Group.

Elizabeth Ziegler is a member.

“You paint and hide rocks for other people to find in your community,” she explained. “It’s meant to offer kindness and spread a little bit of joy.”

The group grew exponentially at the start of the pandemic. Ziegler says about 2,000 people joined in the past year.

Another group member, Lisa, says it was likely because it was something creative for people to do, while also maintaining a sense of community in isolation.

“There’s a lot of unkindness and anger and pushing and shoving,” Lisa said. “I’m not always a happy person, but I just want to spread a little bit of joy.”

The best part? You never know who you’re going to reach….”

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