Burger King testing reusable packaging in Germany, launches ‘Reusable is King’ campaign

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Burger King Germany has started testing its reusable packaging as part of its sustainability goal. As the project has been launched, the fast-food giant has also started campaigning for its new motto related to its sustainability effort, which is “Reusable is king.”

It was reported that Burger King Germany will be running the trial for reusable cups for six months in most of its restaurants in the country. Once the trial is completed, it is expected for the burger brand to expand the initiative to all of its branches.

As per a report from W&V media, with the use of disposable packaging in fast-food restaurants in Germany, the waste problem in the country is growing by the day. Thus, there is surely a need for the companies to take action and contribute to solving the issue.

Burger King Germany is now doing its part and has been testing the reusable cups for hot and cold drinks in its outlets in Frechen and Cologne. The restaurant is also using environmentally-friendly cups for drive-in and takeaway orders. In the scheme, customers can ask for reusable cups and deposit €1.

The pilot project is being carried out to know if customers will accept the reusable products and if they are willing to reuse them. If the results of the testing is good, it will be implemented nationally by 2023 and Burger King will also use the knowledge it gained from the trial to improve and further develop the scheme.

During this pilot period, the company will be distributing 60,000 cups to all participating locations. Depending on how they are used, these reusable cups will replace hundreds of thousands of disposables in the stores….”

View the whole story here: https://www.econotimes.com/Burger-King-testing-reusable-packaging-in-Germany-launches-Reusable-is-King-campaign-1628503

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