Lamb Once Too Weak to Move Is Now Standing Thanks to Wheelchair

Good News Notes:

Kiki the lamb is ready to walk into the next chapter of her life.

According to New Hampshire-based pet mobility company Walkin’ Pets, Kiki was born in Massachusetts and struggled in her early days.

The lamb’s mother rejected Kiki shortly after birth, which affected the baby animal’s nourishment in her first weeks of life. The lack of milk from mom stunted Kiki’s growth. The lamb’s legs contracted and Kiki became too weak to stand.

The future looked bleak for the malnourished farm animal until Meghan King, who is on the board of Don’t Forget Us PET Us Sanctuary, decided to take the 11-day-old animal in and work on building up her strength at the sanctuary.

Kiki is now three months old and is a whole new lamb. Thanks to the love and support she received from King and the sanctuary, Kiki is no longer malnourished and unwell. Still, until recently, the lamb could not move on her own. Whevener Kiki needed to change locations, one of her rescuers would have to carry the animal to her destination….”

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