From garbage to worm poop: Bay City launches pilot food scrap collection program

Good News Notes:

Bay City is offering residents a new program where they can turn their food waste into worm food and, ultimately, fertilizer.

Bay City recently launched the pilot food scrap collection program for city residents for $20 per month.

Participants will be provided with a 1-gallon kitchen pail to use during food prep and a 5-gallon bucket to store their food scraps in between collection days.

Organizers say participants should place the storage bucket on a porch or doorstep on an assigned service day, when program a staff member will empty what was collected.

Subscribers will receive a monthly account of how much the food scraps collected weigh along with an equivalent amount of the greenhouse gas emissions saved by participating in the program, according to program organizers.

The food scraps will be taken to 5Heart Earthworm Farm in Birch Run to be consumed by red worms.

Residents who participate during the program’s pilot period will receive a 5-gallon bucket of worm castings —or worm excrement fertilizer — harvested from the worms that consume the scraps via the program, organizers say.

Residents can get rid of scraps such as raw fruits and vegetables, coffee grounds and filters, tea leaves and bags, and egg shelves as part of the program.

The initiative does not accept meats, dairy, salt and fats, oils and grease.

The service costs $20 per month, with an optional $2 add-on fee for those who would like a clean bucket when the used bucket is collected….”

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