The #1 Best Fruit To Keep Your Bones From Aging, New Study Says

Good News Notes:

When you eat fruit, you might be aiming to satisfy a sweet hunger-related craving or be looking for a quick and healthy snack.

While apples and oranges are always a delicious choice—not to mention grapesbananasstrawberries, and blueberries—you might want to consider grabbing some prunes on a regular basis if you want to feel younger and stay stronger as you get older. That’s because while they’re both tasty and convenient, prunes can also seriously benefit your bones, according to a new study.

Research conducted by the Integrative and Biomedical Physiology Program and the Departments of Nutritional Sciences and Kinesiology at Pennsylvania State University which was presented at the American Physiological Society’s Experimental Biology 2022 event took a look at postmenopausal participants who ate either zero, six, or 12 prunes each day for 12 months.

In the end, Janhavi Damani, MS, the first author of the study, explains, “Our findings suggest that consumption of six to 12 prunes per day may reduce pro-inflammatory mediators that may contribute to bone loss in postmenopausal women.”

Damani adds that this tells us prunes might be a promising nutritional intervention to prevent a rise in inflammation….”

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