Llama and Alpaca sanctuary provides safe home to animals across the country

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In Corvallis, 38 llamas and alpacas roam the grounds of a sanctuary entitledSafe Haven.

It is one of just around four of its kind in the country, taking in llamas and alpacas from all over.

“They’re just like us humans. We each have our own temperament and personality. But they all take good care,” said caretaker and owner, Charlene Hakes.

Hakes has been caring for llamas since 1990, but she did not establish the sanctuary until 2004. From that moment on she has brought in dozens of animals.

“But these guys come from a lot of different places. You don’t know what kind of handling they’ve had or what kind of care they have,” said Hakes.

The animals all have different backgrounds, but Hakes cares for them all the same, up until they pass.

“Unfortunately, I’m the person that must google make those kinds of decisions. And I will just do what’s right by them when the time comes,” said Hakes.

As a non-profit, Hakes relies on her own fundraisers and volunteers to keep the sanctuary going. One of her biggest fundraisers is happening right now.

“One of our biggest fundraisers is our llama and alpaca poo compost each spring and usually start selling from February to June this year so far we’ve done well. They’ve sold 40 bags just to get it within a couple of weeks,” said Hakes.

Another way that the operation can roll on is with visits, and educational opportunities. Hakes can teach people about the animals, the key differences between the two animals and more….”

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