Colorado Springs nonprofit makes a big impact through iconic childhood toy

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Despite the nationwide appeal of American Girl dolls, its hefty price tag makes it tough for some families to afford but that’s where the nonprofit organization, Madison’s Hope, Inc. comes in.

The founder of the nonprofit organization, Shari Kovariks says her mission is to take donated American Girl dolls and refurbish them to give away to children in need. She has built up quite the collection.

“I mean it I love this. I love that we’re having an opportunity to make life better for some little girls. You know, hopefully if we can just and let them know that that they are important and that they they’re valued, it’s that we went all this work for them,” Kovariks said.

Kovariks and many volunteers has been involved in Madison’s Hope, Inc. for several years. The nonprofit organization doesn’t just collect dolls, they also collect accessories, books, and clothing from across the country.

“It’s just people that can’t afford it, you know, and then their kids are longing for them. And if we’ve got them, we’ll give them, you know, that’s our desire. Need is relative, its not all financial,” Kovariks said. “I had every doll I ever wanted. And I wanted every little girl to have that.”

Kovariks and her volunteers work hard to get every detail right….”

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