Bostock unveils new packaging solution

Good News Notes:

Bostock New Zealand has spent over 12 months developing what it believes to be the world’s first certified home compostable zip-lock pouch bag for apples.

The bag is made from rice, potato and corn derivatives blended together. John Bostock, owner of Bostock New Zealand, said it took 12 months to develop a bag that was strong enough to hold 1kg of apples.

“One of the major challenges was the zip-lock on the bag,” John Bostock explained. “We worked with a New Zealand company to find a converting facility in Germany that could accommodate the zip-lock, macro-perforations and gusset with a monolayer home compostable film.”

The packaging is certified to Australasian, European and American composting standards. However, there is no official home compostable standard in New Zealand. In order to achieve international home composting accreditation, the bag must disintegrate in 90 days, and biodegrade within 180 days in a home compost environment.”

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