‘A miracle’: Rescuer reacts to teen girl’s rescue from waterfall

Good News Notes:

A Northeast Georgia rescuer calls the mission to save a teenage girl wedged in the rocks of a White County waterfall “a miracle worth sharing.” The girl got trapped about a third of the way down Raven Cliff Falls when she fell approximately fifty feet from the top while trying to snap a photo on May 20.

“It was an extremely challenging location to get to and required a lot of gear,” says Chris Wright of the Rabun County Technical Rescue Team (TRT).

Wright was among dozens of rescuers from eighteen federal, state, and local agencies who responded to the incident northwest of Helen around 5:20 p.m. Friday.

After rappelling down to the girl, rescuers found she was wedged from the chest down in the crevice where the falls meet. A Georgia State Patrol helicopter lowered members of the Cobb County Georgia Search and Rescue (GSAR) team into the area to assist them.

“Rescue personnel worked tirelessly on freeing the lodged patient throughout the evening, says White County Fire and Emergency Management Agency Battalion Chief Josh Taylor.

After several hours, Wright says, “the situation looked grim. Through grit and determination, a multi-agency team from all over the region pulled off a miracle.”

Six hours into the operation, rescuers successfully freed the teenager. SAR team members used ropes to lift her to the top of the falls, where medics evaluated her condition. She was scratched and bruised, but her injuries appeared minor, says Taylor.

The girl hiked out of the area with rescuers assisting her and emerged from the trail at 1:34 a.m. Saturday, May 21. White County EMS transported her to the hospital…..”

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