Stop Throwing Out Your Watermelon Rinds

Good News Notes:

As temperatures get higher, days get longer, and more and more grills appear in the suburban wild, the rate at which you can also see watermelons goes up exponentially. As sure as the sun rises in the east and sets only when the fireflies come out to play, colorful, triangle-tipped watermelon slices are everywhere during the summer. Having to throw out the watermelon rinds is always such a shame, but in fact there are quite a few tasty, nutritious things to do with those leftover rinds.

According to PELA, the rinds of watermelons can make for wonderful compost, and because of their high water content they break down relatively quickly. Cutting the rinds up and tossing them onto your compost pile is a quick and easy way to get some supercharged fertilizer, but the real money is in the nutrition that the watermelon rinds can provide. There are a whole bunch of health benefits to eating watermelon rinds, per Livestrong, so the tricky part is deciding the best way to prepare them…”

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