All-electric Clean Air Express commuter bus makes debut in Buellton

Good News Notes: “North County commuters who ride the Clean Air Express to jobs on the South Coast will help eliminate 450 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually each time they ride a new all-electric bus unveiled Friday morning in Buellton. More than 25 elected and appointed federal, state, county and city officials and representatives of state and local…

Geothermal to help clean air in the city of Kolo in Poland

Good News Notes: “Improving air quality by reducing emissions from coal-fired heating is a big target for Poland and geothermal energy is a great way of supporting these efforts. Now a geothermal heating plant is under construction in the city of Kolo and will connect to the existing district heating system of company MZEC Sp….

Alternative cement with low carbon footprint developed

Good News Notes: “Researchers at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (MLU) in Germany and the Brazilian University of Pará have developed a climate-friendly alternative to conventional cement. Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions can be reduced during production by up to two thirds when a previously unused overburden from bauxite mining is used as a raw material….

This NASA-inspired technology converts carbon dioxide into food.

Good News Notes: “NASA asked the same question in the 1960s. And the challenge of feeding a year-long space mission led to a remarkable discovery: when astronauts exhale, the carbon dioxide in their breath can be captured by a special class of microbes – and potentially turned into nutrients. Now an American company has taken…

Zurich sponsors reforestation project in Brazil

Good News Notes: “ Zurich will sponsor an eight-year reforestation project in Brazil to convert barren farmland back into native forest. The project will plant a million trees in recognition of the importance of healthy ecosystems in the fight against climate change and the devastating effects of biodiversity loss. Brazil’s Atlantic Forest will be restored…