New Wind Energy Farm Off New Jersey

This major new player in the clean energy game is estimated to provide power to half a million homes. Based off the coast of Atlantic City, this new wind farm will move New Jersey well along the road to using only clean, renewable energy. Even more noteworthy, the move is being made with the accepted knowledge that the average electric bill will increase across the board. This is proof that the need for clean energy is, at least in this instance, taking precedence over money. In the long run, the benefit will far outweigh the slight cost increase and those making the decision seem to understand that.

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  1. Renewable energy sources are just one of the components to a clean energy future. Wind, Solar, and Nuclear Fusion will be key, so that we as a Civilization can get to 100% zero emissions for all our energy consumption. The future is very promising and I believe that by the year 2050, humanity will truly have a cleaner climate.

    1. Tony Cowger says:

      I agree. I think we’re making a lot of moves in the right direction and more people are realizing it’s time to change how we power our world.

      1. Tony…. I think people here in the USA are finally starting to come around. More and more off-shore wind turbine farms are being announced, with fewer objections. The USA has some catching up to do, compared to countries like Switzerland and France…. but we are moving in the right direction!

        1. Tony Cowger says:

          Yes, Julio, I agree. As you said, it will take a number of things working together, but change will happen.

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