Music fest gives $10,000 to local charity

Good News Notes:

A small group of friends gathered in a conference at Remax Wayne on Wednesday, December 18 to remember a friend who they lost on that date five years ago. They met at around 5:30 p.m., almost down to the exact minute that Kate Frisch Carmody passed away battling lung cancer.

“You can really feel her looking down on us in this room right now,” said Steve Mackle.

In addition to remembering their friend, they were also there to see the success of two ideas ignited five years before. Shortly after Kate’s passing, the people closest to her began brainstorming ways to turn tragedy into an impetus for good. One idea turned into the Kate Frisch Carmody Memorial Fund, or Kate’s Wish—which raises money for cancer research—the other idea was the Fall Music Festival, an annual concert featuring local bands the ticket sales of which go toward several local charities.

On Wednesday evening, the organizers of the Fall Music Festival presented the leaders of Kate’s Wish with a check for $10,000.

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