Golden Globes to Serve Entirely Vegan Menu: “The Climate Crisis Is Impossible to Ignore”

Good News Notes:

In true LA fashion, celebrities are getting together for some vegan food this weekend. More specifically, at the Golden Globes this coming Sunday, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will be serving an entirely vegan menu for the first time. The HFPA says the decision to only serve plant-based meals was made primarily for environmental reasons — which makes sense, since eating vegan is one of the most impactful things individuals can do for the environment. And with nearly 1,300 audience members set to dine in the Beverly Hilton’s ballroom, that’s a lot of planet-friendly plates. 

‘Over the holidays, we took time to reflect on the last year and began thinking about the new year and the decade ahead,” HFPA president Lorenzo Soria said in a statement sent to Green Matters. ‘The climate crisis is impossible to ignore and after speaking with our peers, and friends in the community, we felt challenged to do better. The decision to serve an entirely plant-based meal was embraced by our partners at the Beverly Hilton, and represents a small step in response to a big problem.’

In addition to serving a completely plant-based meal, the Golden Globes is also saying no to single-use plastic by giving guests glass water bottles (sorry, that probably means last year’s iconic Fiji Water Girl will not be on the red carpet this year). ‘By partnering with Icelandic Glacial to hydrate guests via glass bottles, eliminating single-use plastic, and serving a 100 percent plant-based meal, we’re hoping to raise awareness around small changes that can have a greater impact,’ Soria added. ‘We know awards shows have a long way to go, and we all can do better.’” 

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