From the Impossible Burger to the Oscars, the rise of veganism in the mainstream

Good News Notes:

“In early January, the Academy of Motion Pictures announced that plant-based food would be on the menu at this year’s Academy Awards Ceremony on Feb. 9th. This announcement came after the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild awards dinners both switched to vegan menus (prompted, at least in part, by vegan “Joker” star Joaquin Phoenix’s suggestion they do so), but before Google searches for “vegan Super Bowl snacks” increased by nearly 133% compared to last year. 

This new decade kicked off with “Veganuary.” The initiative, which had 250,000 participants in 2019, encouraged participants to go vegan for the month; and while for the past few years, trend forecasters and market analysts have predicted that vegan diets would continue increasing in popularity, this seems truly to be the year that, bolstered by cultural movements and celebrity endorsements, veganism has secured a sound space in the mainstream — long after January concluded.”

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