Osaka sisters partner with UNICEF to create charity face mask

Good News Notes:

On the tennis court, Naomi Osaka and her sister Mari Osaka work hard for the results they seek.  Off the court they are working just as hard.  Hoping to help the world deal with the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have developed a great idea.  

They were inspired by what they saw in their native country of Japan even before the coronavirus came along.  Specifically, they remembered people wearing masks normally.  Because it was so common, many of the masks were very fashionable.  This inspired Naomi to team with UNICEF to release masks that could protect and be fashionable.  On top of that, all proceeds will go to charity.  That’s great, you say, but what difference does the look of a mask make?

Well, consider all the struggle, especially in the United States, as people resist being told what to do, like wear a mask.  Sometimes it’s hard to balance freedom with safety.  But, maybe the fun and stylishness of different masks can overcome what government mandates can not.  Perhaps you don’t like wearing a mask but if you could do so with your own style you might be more inclined.  

This pandemic isn’t disappearing any time soon so any methods we can take to slow the spread, including wearing masks, help,  By using any and all possible methods of encouragement for these precautions we’ll save lives.  This will pass and we’ll get through it but we have to do so together.

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