Lost Teenager Found After Spending 9 Days in Washington State Forest

Good News Notes:

Early on July 24, Giovanna Fuda left her home in Maple Valley, Wash., and went for a drive. She ended up about 90 miles northeast of her hometown, in a cellphone dead zone, where her car ran out of gas.

Not even Ms. Fuda’s parents know exactly why their daughter, known as Gia, drove so far from home. What is clear is that at some point after leaving her car, she wandered into a dense forest more than 70 miles east of Seattle, where she would be lost for nine days.

It was an ordeal that left Ms. Fuda’s parents aching at the unknown as hundreds of search and rescue volunteers tried to find her.

On Saturday, Ms. Fuda was finally found — alive, with scrapes, scratches and bug bites. She was disoriented, her parents said, but was otherwise fine.”

View the whole story here: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/04/us/giovanna-gia-fuda-found.html

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