Anonymous donor leaves $2.2 million inheritance to CNY charity

Good News Notes:

An anonymous donor recently left her $2.2 million inheritance to the Central New York Community Foundation upon her passing, according to a recent announcement from the charity.

The gift established an endowed fund to support local nonprofits that provide healthcare and animal care, two causes that were important to the anonymous woman, the charity says. The funding could help local rescues continue and expand their programs, among other initiatives.

The woman’s professional advisor, J. Daniel Pluff of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, says that she wanted the money to go towards what would do the most good.

‘She was almost intimidated by these funds,’ he said in the charity’s announcement. ‘She was preoccupied with wanting to do the right thing with the money upon her passing. I could see a relief in her once a decision was made that would safeguard her legacy.'”

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