Local therapy dog brings joy and comfort to Hoffmann Hospice

Good News Notes:

At Hoffmann Hospice, people receive end of life care and assistance in grieving loved ones who pass away. This is naturally a very emotional place to be, and one therapy dog is helping in such a wonderful way.

In this week’s ‘Kern’s Kindness,’ meet Bernie and his owner Molly Mier.

‘We adopted Bernie from a rescue in 2014 and we’ve been volunteering with Hoffmann for about five years now,’ said Molly.

Four legs, and a big heart. Bernie is a therapy dog at Hoffmann Hospice. He greets people coming into Hospice, brightening their day and giving them a sense of comfort.

‘We volunteer for the grief groups for both adults and children. So he kind of acts as a greeter when they come in. Gives them a sense of calm. And we also visit a skilled nursing facility here in town,’ said Molly.

Molly said Hospice patients love Bernie, and he loves them right back.

‘He loves it. Bernie loves people. He’s never met a stranger, so he just gets very excited whenever we get to go somewhere and see people,’ said Molly.

She said their basic obedience trainer suggested training Bernie to become a therapy dog.”

View the whole story here: https://www.turnto23.com/news/kerns-kindness/local-therapy-dogs-brings-joy-and-comfort-to-hoffman-hospice

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