La Bouche Rouge launches fully sustainable makeup collection

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“Three years ago, Nicolas Gerlier co-founded La Bouche Rouge with one mission: to bring sustainability to the world of luxury beauty. Free of micro-plastics and housed in customisable, refillable cases, his haute line of lipsticks quickly became a cult favorite. Covetable collaborations with fashion brands includingNanushka, The Attico, and The Webster would quickly sell out, proving that Gerlier’s vision had tapped into a growing eco-consciousness in the beauty business.

For Gerlier, an industry veteran who has worked with L’Oréal, Armani, and Lancôme, the lipsticks were just the starting point for his vision of a 21st-century maison de maquillage. Now, La Bouche Rouge is expanding its product range with the release of a complete sustainable make-up range with each piece crafted as a lasting possession.

The design-led collection is micro-plastic and cruelty-free, made using all-natural formulations. It features Le Serum Noir mascara – encased in a recycled glass container, Le Khol Noir – a 98 per cent natural formula eyeliner, Le Crayon à Sourcil – an eyebrow pencil, and Le Sérum Sourcil – an eyebrow serum.

Made of recycled metal and upcycled leather, the Universal Compact is the pièce de résistance – it can be personalised and used to house any of the range’s refillable powders including the La Terre bronzer, La Lumiere highlighter, and Les Ombres eyeshadows.”

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