A couple got married at the US-Canada border, so guests from both countries could be there

Good News Notes:

A Canadian couple postponed their wedding to 2021 from its original August date, due to the coronavirus pandemic and travel restrictions, but they would soon find a workaround. The couple decided to get married at the US-Canada border so friends and family from both countries could attend their wedding, according to CNN.

29 year olds Lindsay Clowes and Alex Leckie wedded on Oct. 10, only two months after they initially intended to get married. This comes after their engagement, which happened in Nov. 2019.

‘I had this idea in the back of my head I always called Plan B to get married on the river so family can join us by boat and the other side of the river,’ Clowes said via CNN. ‘I called my parents and I said, “I have this idea, what do you think?” And they loved it and really helped us bring that vision to life so we were able to plan it and have the wedding within six weeks.’”

View the whole story here: https://www.pennlive.com/life/2020/10/a-couple-got-married-at-the-us-canada-border-so-guests-from-both-countries-could-be-there.html

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