Tipping North Country spreading love with random acts of kindness

Good News Notes;

The Facebook page, ‘Tipping North Country’ is spreading love and positivity in the region. Over the last month, community donations have been fueling their mission, and helping small businesses and people in need during the pandemic.

Emily Morrissey, the co-creator of ‘Tipping North Country,’ explained how the group chooses their donation locations. “We like to do polls on our website. So, we’ll be like, ‘Okay, what town should we go to?’ We did one recently and we got Schroon Lake. We decided we’ll just go to a small little diner for breakfast and then whoever our waitress happened to be, would be who got the tip.”

Recently the group went to the Champlain Centre Mall to surprise China Cafe with a tip of over $300.

According to Teddy Chan, China Cafe’s manager, the donation means a lot to the Chan family and their restaurant which had been closed for months due to the pandemic.

‘To have that kind of group, to reflect back on the people that go in there day in and day out, put in an honest day’s work, that’s super special. I can’t even put it into words.’”

View the whole story here: https://www.mynbc5.com/article/tipping-north-country-spreading-love-through-random-acts-of-kindness/34467221

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