Moore police officer considered hero after saving 2-year-old who nearly drowned in pond

Good News Notes:

A Moore police officer is being called a hero after saving a two-year-old who nearly drowned.

Frantic 911 calls came in as people saw a child not breathing in the pond at Fairmoore Park.

Detective Jason Landrum arrived on scene as the child’s father was pulling him out of the water.

‘As soon I got there, I felt for a pulse or breathing, [but] he didn’t have either,’ Landrum said. ‘I wanted him to be breathing, that’s the first thing I wanted was for him to be breathing.’

Landrum did chest compressions on the child, getting water out of his lungs.

‘Come on, little buddy, there you go there you go, take some breaths, you’re okay, bubba, you’re okay, you’re okay, you’re okay,’ Landrum can be heard saying on the body camera footage.

‘When I finally detected a heartbeat, he still wasn’t making any movements or anything, and then he finally started taking some labored breaths, so I continued chest compressions and until the paramedics got there,’ Landrum said.”

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