Jinkx Monsoon Recently Got Married, Proving Love Exists in Lockdown

Good News Notes:

Being in lockdown means we all are getting to look at the things and people in our life, and truly find what we value, what makes us happy. And while for some people that means shedding a few things — as we confront every aspect of it, 24/7 — for others that means committing for the long haul. For drag star Jinkx Monsoon and her boyfriend Michael Abbott the latter meant getting hitched.

Fresh off the holiday-timed Hulu release ofJinkx and DeLa Holiday Special, the RuPaul’s Drag Race season five winner has announced that she’s now married.

‘Well — I guess the cats are out of their respective bags,’ she wrote to Instagram. ‘On January 9th, 2021, Michael and I said our vows and [became] spouses by law. That’s right! Mama got married.’

According to the post, the pair got married at home with their housemates as witnesses. Comedian Deven Green Skyped in as officiant (they built headgear for someone to wear so Green could basically be an animated android) while other family and friends watched via Zoom. They aren’t the first quarantine wedding and certainly won’t be the last

‘It was the perfect day,’ Monsoon wrote. ‘Special thanks to [Tammie Brown] and [BenDeLaCreme] and our Best Person, Kenneth Lee for the integral parts they played in the ceremony.’

According to the photos the pair exchanged rings and participated in a handfasting ceremony — in this tradition the two ceremonially tie their hands together with a piece of rope to symbolize their union. “

View the whole story here: https://www.out.com/weddings/2021/1/15/jinkx-monsoon-went-and-got-married-proving-love-exists-lockdown

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