Rainforest Trust 2020: A Year in Review – Rainforest Trust Saves Rainforest

Good News Notes:

2020 was a year of disruption and change for every person and organization, Rainforest Trust included. The need to protect our planet and nature has never been more urgent. Thanks to the commitment of our supporters and the extraordinary efforts of our partners, our vital conservation work around the world continued and over 1.5 million acres of precious habitat were protected. 

In March, almost all travel was suspended, ending tourism almost completely––as a result, we witnessed many of our partner organizations and local communities struggling with lack of revenue. Reserve staff were unable to leave quarantine, leaving reserves vulnerable, exposed to loggers and poachers.

Difficult times call for extraordinary measures, so Rainforest Trust mobilized and launched the COVID-19 Emergency Conservation Fund. More than $400,000 was raised to support our partners emerging COVID related needs including:  

  • YANI in Indonesia has implemented a total of 109 days of forest protection patrols in their Nantu Wildlife Sanctuary, removed more than 60 snares traps set by poachers and even saved a Babirusa.
  • Madagascar Primate Study and Research Group (GERP) launched 16 new community-led forest patrols in their reserves and provided hygiene kits to communities and local hospitals
  • Mision Tiburón in Costa Rica dedicated 3 people to continue patrols during the pandemic, along with boat fuel and protective equipment to ensure their team is safe while out conducting this important work.

Endangering the lives of millions, COVID-19 was a warning sign from our planet. Zoonotic in origin, the pandemic is a direct result of our increasing contact with wildlife through deforestation and the destruction of nature––harmful human activity that also pushes us further into the climate crisis. The urgent need for conservation has never been greater and Rainforest Trust has doubled down on our commitments. This year alone we: 

  • Safeguarded over 1.5 million acres of habitat across the globe, protecting the homes of 614 threatened species.
  • Kept over 146 million metric tonnes of carbon stored in forests where it belongs–– roughly the equivalent to the emissions of 31,704,883 cars driven for one year, more than every registered car in California, Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona combined.”

View the whole story here: https://www.rainforesttrust.org/rainforest-trust-2020-a-year-in-review/

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