New Haven Tree Commission launching reforestation project Saturday

Good News Notes:

The New Haven Tree Commission is kicking off a reforestation project that is the first of its kind in Indiana on Saturday.

Near the intersection of Moeller Road and Minnich Road, about 2,300 trees will be planted over a 3,000 square foot plot. Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources is funding the commission’s project for three total plots over the next three years.

What’s unique about this project is that trees will be planted using a model known as the Miyawaki method, which was first introduced in Japan. This strategy focuses more on the ground than the trees themselves. Trees will be tightly packed along the patch, so not all of the trees will grow.

“Nature will decide who’s going to stand and who’s going to leave,” said New Haven Tree Commissioner Jeff Ling. “The idea is that we are able to generate tree cover, canopy.”

Ling also claims that planting trees using the Miyawaki method will yield environmental benefits to New Haven in five to six years, compared to urban forestry that takes 10 to 20 years….”

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