amazon unveils the AmaZen booths, claiming that meditation might do good to its workers

Good News Notes:

amazon has launched WorkingWell, a program that provides its employees with physical and mental activities that aim to make them happier, healthier and safer. following its mission of becoming earth’s safest place to work, the company has invested over USD $300 million into safety projects in 2021. the initiative will help prevent injuries, provide wellness services and offer quality healthcare for its employees.

developed in collaboration with its employees, amazon’sWorkingWell project employs comprehensive and critical health and wellness services. included are the wellness centers where first aid-trained medical representatives and athlete trainers deliver onsite safety. the EatWell initiative supports overall nutrition health and the neighborhood health centers provide affordable healthcare centers within 10 miles of where they work and live.

‘amazon has identified some innovative technologies and approaches to address employee well-being and the implementation of training and wellness programs in their facilities,’ said jennifer mcnelly, american society of safety professionals (ASSP) CEO. ‘the occupational safety and health community thrives on sharing innovations, best practices and lessons learned. we look forward to amazon continuing to share ideas and information about these new methods and approaches to improve workplace safety in the united states and globally.’…

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