Deputies’ ‘remarkable’ rescue of teen jumping from overpass caught on bodycam video

Good News Notes:

Deputies in Florida saved a 17-year-old girl on Sunday as the teen stood overlooking an overpass and threatened to jump in a heart-pounding rescue all recorded on bodycam.

The teen’s father called the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office at 6 a.m. to report that his daughter was threatening to hurt herself before leaving their Palm Coast home, the sheriff’s office said. The girl, whom authorities did not identify, stated “I can’t do this anymore” and ran down the street.

Deputies received a tip that the girl might be heading to the overpass bridge of the Palm Coast Parkway and I-95 and rushed to the area.

Responding deputies spotted the teen on the bridge, holding onto the outside railing and staring down the overpass, “slowly inching her way closer towards the highway,” the sheriff’s office said.

After being alerted that the teen does not like males, the sheriff’s office quickly brought in a female negotiation team. 

But as Deputy Laura Jenkins began talking to the teen, letting her know she’s arrived to help, the girl let go of the railing. Quick-thinking Jenkins immediately grabbed the girl’s hand through the fencing to prevent her from falling and handcuffed her to the rail….”

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