Porsche calls on its suppliers to use 100% renewable energy to manufacture its components

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“Porsche looks to advance its efforts against CO2 emissions by calling upon its nearly 1,300 suppliers to only use renewable energy in manufacturing components for its vehicles. Currently, the sports car manufacturer’s supply chain contributes about 20% of its total greenhouse gas emissions.

Porsche is a household name for automakers with nearly 100 years of experience developing and manufacturing sports cars. While much of that tenure has seen success around traditional ICE vehicles, Porsche hopes to set a new track record in terms of decarbonization while fully embracing the electrification movement.

Much of this movement has stemmed from the early success of the Porsche Taycan. Furthermore, Porsche has claimed its Taycan Cross Turismo became the world’s first electric sports car to remain carbon neutral throughout its entire service life.

As early as 2025, at least 50% of new Porsches sold will include an electric drive. Additionally, the automaker has already shared plans to invest more than a billion euros in decarbonization measures over the next 10 years.

With the automaker’s recent announcement, Porsche now looks to its series suppliers to follow suit in order to ensure the company remains at least carbon-neutral moving forward in manufacturing.

Porsche to require renewable energy from suppliers

In a recent press release, Porsche has shared next steps in furthering its efforts against CO2 emissions by demanding its nearly 1,300 suppliers exclusive use renewable energy to manufacturer its vehicle components.

This new policy applies to any and all contracts awarded to provide production material for new vehicle projects. Furthermore, any suppliers unwilling to switch to certified green energy will no longer be considered for contracts with Porsche moving forward. Uwe-Karsten Städter, member of the Executive Board for Procurement at Porsche AG, explains:…”

View the whole story here: https://electrek.co/2021/07/05/porsche-calls-on-its-suppliers-to-use-100-renewable-energy-to-manufacture-its-components/

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