Green Planet Group’s Wholly Owned Subsidiary – Healing the Earth – Growing Faster, Growing Cleaner

Good News Notes:

Green Planet Group, Inc. (OTC PINK:GNPG), an emerging leader in green technology, announced today that its wholly owned subsidiary Healing the Earth’s revolutionary organic farming system creates almost 60,000 carbon credits annually. “It’s important to us that not only are we aligning our interests with President Biden’s pledge to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 and growing a higher quality food product faster, but we are simultaneously creating a much-needed revenue stream for farmers through the carbon credit program,” says Edmond L. Lonergan, President/CEO of Green Planet Group. The Healing the Earth growing system changes farming as it’s known today. It is no longer necessary to over-cultivate soil, plow, plant, fertilize, or even rely on the environment to provide the right temperature or water.

In Arizona, home of Green Planet’s corporate headquarters, the state has already seen record high temperatures and exceptional drought conditions. Anyone want proof? Look at Lake Mead or the Colorado River, where the state receives a significant amount of its water supply. Both have seen all-time low levels of water that you can see by just looking at the shoreline. To compound the issues, between 70% and 80% (depending on your source) of Arizona’s water currently goes to agricultural use.

“This is why what we’re doing is so important to us. There is a critical point coming soon which will affect our most basic resources – food and water. Our largest growing system can produce approximately 32 tons of food daily with only 3% of the amount of water that traditional farming would use for the same production,” said Lonergan. “Just like Arizona, other parts of the world are experiencing similar changes in their local environments and as predicted, the rate of change continues to increase. This is just one of the reasons why we have experienced such overwhelming interest in Green Planet Group. We’re actually making changes in the world.”

Green Planet Group/Healing the Earth takes climate change and sustainable farming seriously. It has developed a high-speed, organic growing system that uses 97% less water when compared to traditional farming. And since the entire crop is grown in an indoor controlled environment, it does not use any chemicals, fertilizers, or herbicides. The Company is taking action to make a positive impact on this world….”

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