Life Time to Eliminate Plastic Water Bottles by Labor Day

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“Life Time, the nation’s premier healthy lifestyle brand, announced today that it will stop selling water in plastic bottles at its 150+ athletic resorts across North America by Labor Day, cutting more than 1.6 million plastic bottles annually. The plastic bottles are being replaced by aluminum bottles with Life Time-branded natural alkaline spring water.

While the vast majority of plastic usually ends up unrecycled (less than 10%), aluminum is infinitely recyclable and more than half of aluminum beverage containers are recycled in the United States each year, according to the EPA. The EPA also highlights that the presence of plastic trash is now found in most marine habitats, clogging the oceans, Great Lakes, coral reefs, beaches and rivers around the world.

Life Time is also undertaking other measures to reduce and eliminate plastic products in its athletic resorts, including offering:

  • Swimsuit bags in locker rooms made with recycled ocean plastic
  • Paper mouthwash cups vs. plastic in locker rooms
  • 100% cotton swabs vs. those made with plastic in locker rooms
  • Compostable salad containers, cutlery, plates and bowls in its LifeCafe locations

“Environmental stewardship is something we’re deeply focused on at Life Time in keeping with our healthy people, healthy planet, healthy way of life philosophy,” Life Time Chairman, CEO and Founder Bahram Akradi says. “As part of this journey, we’ll continue eliminating single-use plastics from our destinations, while remaining focused on energy use reduction through the healthy design and operation of our Life Time athletic resorts.”   

Life Time has also saved more than 45 million 16 oz. plastic water bottles from entering the environment through the implementation of water bottle filling stations in its clubs.

In April 2021, Life Time updated its five-year sustainability goals to further cut energy use and plastic products in its destinations across North America with plans to achieve the following by April 2026:

  • Reduce gas and electric consumption by 20%, and water consumption by 40% with further investments into equipment and operational efficiencies
  • Source locally grown produce and protein for its LifeCafe locations
  • Further reduce the company’s plastics footprint across all locations
  • Double the number of healthy lunches served and students benefitted via support of the Life Time Foundation

This announcement builds on Life Time’s previous environmental stewardship activities, primarily focused on reducing electricity, natural gas and water consumption across its athletic resorts….”

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