EOOS NEXT presents ‘ZUV’ electric tricycle with a 3D printed chassis

Good News Notes:

“created by EOOS NEXT in collaboration with the new raw, ‘ZUV’ is an electric tricycle with a 3D printed chassis made from 70 kg of recycled plastic. the zero emissions mobility concept has been developed as an alternative mode of transportation that can be produced economically and locally. 

ZUV seats two passengers at the back while the box at the front can either hold two small children or cargo. to reduce complexity and cost, the vehicle has no pedals and it’s driven by a rear hub motor. the two front wheels provide steering. ZUV has a top speed of 25 km/h in urban areas, classifying the vehicle as a bicycle, and can travel 50 km on a single battery charge. in total, ZUV weighs approximately 100 kg and can carry a payload of 200kg.

the project was commissioned by MAK as part of the vienna biennale for change 2021. forming part of the ‘CLIMATE CARE’ exhibition, the project intends to contribute to a circular economy and the self-empowerment of people to produce complex objects of daily use themselves using digital technologies.

using an industrial robot, rotterdam-based the new raw 3D printed the self-supporting chassis designed by EOOS NEXT using 100% recycled plastic. the strongly simplified construction allows for swift repair and simple recycling;  the ZUV can be shredded and 3D reprinted in a local economic cycle. additional components such as wheels, electric motor, handlebar and brakes can be found in bike or motorbike workshops across the world to complete the tricycle locally….”

View the whole story here: https://www.designboom.com/technology/eoos-next-zuv-electric-tricycle-3d-printed-chassis-08-23-2021/

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