How Northern Broome Cares program is giving back

Good News Notes:

A program that’s part of the Rural Health Network spent the summer repairing houses.

Northern Broome Cares is a 5 year grant program that focuses on the 60 plus community in the towns of Lisle, Triangle, Barker, Nanticoke and the Village of Whitney Point.

These areas are considered a NORC, a Naturally Occurring Retirement Community, which is a residential area that was not originally built for older adults, but is now home to a significant proportion.

It is in year 2 of this 5 year grant and Mindy Alexander, the crew leader for this program says most of these houses she repaired were her clients already.

“To be able to go an extra step and provide some safety measures and make sure their homes are actually safe for them on the exterior. It’s been really nice to be able to give back, it’s been a really hard year for all of us, especially for our senior folks, they’ve been home for a very long time so it’s really nice just to give them something to look forward to,” says Alexander….”

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