Derbyshire couple hold wedding celebration under water

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Lisa and Christopher Jackson tied the knot on Wednesday in the 864,000-litre tropical oceanarium at the Bear Grylls Adventure centre in Birmingham.

The pair, from South Normanton in Derbyshire, took inspiration from an episode of Don’t Tell The Bride that featured a wedding in an aquarium.

Mrs Jackson, 38, said the day was “so special”.

She said the couple had wanted an underwater wedding because they trained to be scuba divers together.

“That is why the wedding was so special to us, because we started the journey together,” she said.

“We were going to get married in Cyprus then, with Covid, we couldn’t travel.

“So, for us, this was a good way. We could keep the numbers down and do something that we love.”

The couple, who have been together for five years, had eight guests as well as the fish, which included blacktip reef sharks, puffer fish and stingrays.

Mrs Jackson’s 14-year-old daughter Elise, who is learning to scuba dive, joined them in the tank as a bridesmaid.

Mrs Jackson had more than one dress for the big day and her husband had different suits.

She said: “I had my actual wedding dress, then I got another plain one to wear in the water and I had to sew weights into the bottom of it so it stayed nice and didn’t float up.”

The bride had her make-up professionally done before the ceremony but used a spray to help it stay on in the water.

Mrs Jackson said she had the idea for the wedding after seeing a similar wedding on Don’t Tell The Bride.

“I contacted every aquarium around the country asking for someone to do it,” she said.

She said they all said no except for the Bear Grylls centre….”

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