Supermarket chain Morrisons takes lead in fight against waste by banning plastic on bananas

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Supermarket chain Morrisons is set to become the first supermarket to remove plastic bags from all bananas sold in its stores.

Paper bands will replace the bags, in a move that should reduce over 180 tonnes of plastic waste.

Bananas are the second most-bought item in Morrisons stores, and the shift is set to remove over 40 million pre-packed plastic bags.

Morrisons is currently looking to attempt to return to traditional grocery packaging methods.

It has also launched a glass milk bottle trial in which bottles of milk are delivered directly to its supermarkets by local dairy farms. Once returned by customers, the bottles are collected, sanitised and can be reused for 10 years or more.

recycling points for products not typically collected on bin days.

Helen Bird, strategic technical manager at recycling charity Wrap, said resources for recycling plastic packaging and bags will be key to reducing waste going to landfill.

“Plastic bags and wrappers make up nearly a quarter of all plastic packaging that we use in our daily lives, yet only 6% is recycled,” she said……”

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