SIITA Establishes A Zero-Waste System That Will Change The Paradigm For Solving Environmental Problems

Good News Notes:

Up to now, the existing biodegradation products have been neither completely decomposed nor recycled, which causes bigger problem.

Specific conditions such as proper temperature, moisture, and aerobic property are required to vitalize activities of microorganisms and accordingly to decompose the biodegradation material. But there has not been the facilities equipped with such degradation conditions

In particular, creating and maintaining the high-temperature environment, one of the degradation conditions, was one of most difficult problem to solve, because the well-equipped facility costs a tremendous amount of money depending on its size.

As the SIITA research team designed the system that can maintain the constant degradation conditions including high temperature by using energy generated by the microorganisms themselves, the team succeeded in continuous large-scale decomposition of bioplastics.

Through this research, the team achieved the epoch-making solution to the crucial problem of bioplastic degradation in terms of both size and cost, including reduction of degradation period from more than 6 months in the existing method to around 3 months in the new method.

The eco-friendly compost, produced after completion of decomposition-composting process of the bioplastic package, will be supplied to local farmhouses.

The finished compost product passed the tests consisting of 18 items including 8 kinds of heavy metals, toxic substances, and innocuous level and satisfied the content standard of npk, 3 elements of the fertilizer.

The 100% biodegradable raw material utilization and decomposition technology from SIITA can be applied directly to cosmetics, beverages, food containers, and one-time consumer goods, providing an innovative alternative to solving the problem of billions of plastic waste….”

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