PepsiCo Sets Aggressive Packaging Sustainability Goals with pep+

Good News Notes:

PepsiCo has launched an ambitious sustainability initiative called pep+, which includes goals for making the company’s packaging, products, and overall business more environmentally friendly.

The pep+ initiative’s three pillars are: (1) Positive Agriculture, with a focus on regenerative practices; (2) Positive Value Chain, including net-zero emissions by 2040, becoming net water positive, and new goals for packaging sustainability; and (3) Positive Choices, to develop products that are better for consumers and the earth.

The packaging sustainability piece can be further divided into three categories:

• Compostable packaging, such as the new packaging for Off The Eaten Path snacks.

• Recycled-content, using recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) for beverage bottles.

• Reusable packaging and reduction of single-use plastics, with PepsiCo’s SodaStream products leading the way….”

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