Retired firefighter climbs to honor those with lung cancer

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A retired Wisconsin firefighter is being featured in a calendar for the American Lung Association for his heroic efforts. 

Chuck Roberts, a retired firefighter from the Eagle Fire Department has managed to raise over $50,000 for the American Lung Association while participating in climbs over the years. November is the time of year he begins his training for next years climb.

It’s Roberts’ first training session of the year at Lapham State Park. He uses the lookout tower for his training and he is decked out in full firefighter gear.

Each year the American Lung Association put on the Fight For Air Climb, where he climbs over 1,000 steps and the tower at Lapham State Park is where his training begins by climbing to the top 15 times.

​“I always have some nervous anticipation even after doing it for so many years,” Roberts said. “Am I going to make it?”

Roberts has done the Fight For Air Climb a dozen times now and each year he keeps coming back to honor his dad, uncle and brother in law he’s lost to lung cancer.

“When it gets tough and the breathing gets hard I think of the hard time they had  and that pushes me to go harder,” Roberts said.

Step by step he continues to climb not only for his family but for all first responders who are more susceptible to lung issues.

“It’s a risky business and they are out there for us 24/7, 365. It’s not just a job its a passion and we owe them a lot,” Roberts said….”

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