Less Plastic Thailand Turns Plastic Bottles into Life-Saving PPE

Good News Notes:

Less Plastic Thailand is asking the public to donate PET bottles to ensure doctors have enough supplies of reusable protective clothing. The “PET To PPE Project” turns used Polyethylene Terephthalate or PET bottles into reusable PPE, both isolation gowns and coverall suits.

“The PET To PPE Project” was launched last year after the Covid-19 pandemic hit Thailand and has already donated 20,000 reusable PPE to 200 hospitals across the country.

A spot PET to PPE : Sort Waste, Save Lives was created and directed by Suthisak Sucharittanonta via Triton Film Bangkok. In a single shot, the film featured discarded plastic bottles on a street which gradually turns into a doctor in PPE suit lying down and finally standing up….”

View the whole story here: https://www.brandinginasia.com/less-plastic-thailand-turns-plastic-bottles-into-life-saving-ppe/

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