Bonaire family starts nonprofit to help preemie babies in need

Good News Notes:

Aubrey weighed only 3 and a half pounds, and spent 21 days in the  NICU.

“She didn’t have everything that she needed and we weren’t necessarily able to give those things because I was here in the hospital sick myself and my husband had to be here to support me to help me. We had to rely on those family members to be here to help us,” said Henderson

The Hendersons saw a need and decided they wanted to give back. They created Preemie Closet, a nonprofit to help families just like them. So far, they’ve raised $4,000 worth of donations.

“One of the first things that we didn’t have was premature clothes. Now, of course, when the babies come out, they cannot wear clothes on the spot, but we knew that she would need clothes eventually. We didn’t have those clothes. We didn’t have those diapers,” said Henderson.

Mary Jo Jones, a NICU nurse at Atrium Health Navicent, says the benefit for these premature babies is incredible.

“It’s very difficult, in terms of clothing, just to find the sizes. Some of our babies are 1 pound, 2 pounds. It brings such a smile and a joy to parents to be able to see them dressed like the infant they expected in terms of the premature baby. It gives them an incredible lift,” said Jones….”

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