Indo Kordsa’s energy to be generated with 5 MWp Solar Rooftop by TotalEnergies

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“PT Indo Kordsa Tbk (Indo Kordsa), a subsidiary of Kordsa group and a major supplier for the premium tire reinforcement material for the automotive sector in Southeast Asia, has signed an agreement with TotalEnergies to provide a rooftop-mounted solar system for the company’s production buildings, warehouse and office buildings in Citeureup, Bogor, Indonesia. PT Indo Kordsa is one of the first tire cord manufacturers using solar power for self-consumption in Southeast Asia.

Indo Kordsa, in parallel to Kordsa Group’s sustainability strategies, has declared that one of its priorities is reducing emissions, including greenhouse gases (GHG), and combating climate change. Indo Kordsa was looking for a partner to install its rooftop PV (photovoltaic) power system, to drive down their carbon footprint and fulfill their sustainability targets while saving power costs. They chose TotalEnergies, known for their robust technical experience in deploying renewable energy solutions on highly technical and complex sites around the world, to support them in their transition towards clean energy. Under the agreement, TotalEnergies will install, operate and maintain the PV solar system over contract period.

The PV system will have a total capacity of 5 megawatt-peak (MWp) involving 8,830 PV panels to be mounted onto the rooftops of the company’s 5 facilities. Once completed, the system is expected to generate 6,645 megawatt-hours (MWh) of solar energy annually to power Indo Kordsa’s daily operations. With this new systems, Indo Kordsa can reduce around 5,250 tons of CO2 emissions annually, equivalent to removing more than 1,100 cars from the roads or planting more than 87,000 trees.

Ibrahim Ozgur Yildirim, President Director of Indo Kordsa said, “We are inspired to reinforce life through our products and by upholding our values, create value not only for our shareholders and stakeholders but also for our planet. Sustainability is World’s top agenda, and so is Kordsa’s. While we strive to develop sustainable technologies with sustainable production systems, we also contribute to the global efforts against climate change. In parallel to Kordsa’s 2050 Sustainability Roadmap, we are determined to reduce our carbon footprint, and increase the use of renewable energy. Our collaboration with TotalEnergies for the installment of PV systems, which will eventually generate some of our total daily energy need, marks an important step towards this goal, and will lead the path within the industry.”

Gavin Adda, Head of TotalEnergies Renewables Distributed Generation Asia said, “With a strong, growing presence in Asia, and trusted by companies such as Indo Kordsa as the solar energy partner of choice, TotalEnergies provides a zero-capex solution that fulfils both environmental sustainability and cost-saving goals. As a leading solar service provider for commercial and industrial businesses, we look forward to supporting manufacturing companies, such as Indo Kordsa, in driving down their carbon footprint, and use our global experts of tailor-made solar solutions for any business energy needs.”

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As part of its ambition to get to net zero by 2050, TotalEnergies is building a portfolio of activities in renewables and electricity. At the end of September 2021, TotalEnergies’ gross renewable electricity generation capacity is 10 GW. TotalEnergies will continue to expand this business to reach 35 GW of gross production capacity from renewable sources by 2025, and then 100 GW by 2030 with the objective of being among the world’s top 5 producers of electricity from wind and solar energy.,,,”

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