New refill store aims to reduce consumer reliance on disposable plastics

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“Plastics are everywhere, from shampoo to conditioner, to household cleaners. All of those containers result in a lot of material that eventually end up in the landfill or recycling. Now, a new store in Medicine Hat aims to reduce the amount of plastics by encouraging customers to refill instead of throw out.

Located on Strachan Court, Roots Refillery allows customers to bring their own containers, or rent one to fill up on household products. Payment is determined by weight so customers only pay for what they want to use.

The idea was spawned by Crystal Metz and her husband Colin.

“In 2018 when the plastics crisis was really in the news because China had stopped buying our plastics, I really tried to look at what I can do as a consumer to help,” she said.

Metz tried to go zero waste, but she quickly found it too challenging. So she explored the concept of a refill store, and for three years it’s been her dream to bring one to the city.

Refill stores have become popular in larger centres like Vancouver, Toronto, and even Calgary. It is a trend that Metz believes is largely born out of consumer demand and a shift in consumer culture, where customers are becoming more mindful about the products they are consuming, and it’s overall impact on their health and environment.

All of the products are chemical-free, and environmentally and socially responsible. Delivery and curbside pickup is also available.

And since the store launched earlier this month, Hatters have been embracing the concept.

“This is the way the world is going. So yes this is probably the right time for this kind of store in the city. It is a good idea,” said one man shopping in the store.

By having a store that is fully dedicated to reducing consumer plastics, Metz hopes that it will reduce the city’s environmental footprint….”

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