A local animal rescue receives the gift of a $3 million donation

Good News Notes:

“A local animal rescue received the gift of a large and generous donation on Monday.

God’s Dogs Rescue has received a three-million-dollar check from the Kym’s Angel’s foundation.

Philanthropists Kym Rapier Verette and Glenn Verette were on hand for the presentation.

The rescue says they were expecting to receive two-million-dollars and were blessed to hear the donation would be an extra million.

“Going forward, we will probably expand our operations and we’re probably going to look for another site. We’ve talked about it. My house, my property of five acres has basically reached its limit as far as about 150 dogs. So, we really want to talk about another site and offloading some of the dogs and then we’ll be able to take in more dogs,” founder and president of God’s Rescue, Julianna Marchbanks said…..”

View the whole story here: https://news4sanantonio.com/news/local/a-local-animal-rescue-is-receiving-the-gift-of-a-3-million-dollar-donation-kyms-angel-foundation-gods-dogs-rescue-large-donation

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