Instacart worker hailed as hero after saving man during delivery

Good News Notes:

An Instacart shopper is being hailed as a hero — including by model Bella Hadid — after she tearfully recounted how following her gut instinct may have saved her customer’s life during a propane leak.

In her emotional TikTok video, Jessica Higgs said she received an order from a woman who was ordering food for her elderly dad, who was unable to shop for himself.

“I’m going the extra mile for this customer like I always do, but for whatever reason, this time I was going even further in checking the back and everything,” the tearful woman says in her car.

Higgs explains that the daughter had told her to drop the order off on the porch, but that “something was telling me, ‘No, you gotta help this man out,’” Higgs says.

She says that when the man came out, she offered to help him bring the groceries inside his home — despite Instacart’s protocol.

“But I used my judgment and I brought the groceries inside and I put them down wherever he wanted me to put them, and you’re not supposed to but I did,” Higgs continues.

“You’re just supposed to take a picture and leave. And I could not just leave,” she says. “I got to message the lady because I was very concerned for her dad that he just looked sick and I didn’t know what to do. So I messaged her and I said, ‘If I say that the order is complete, I won’t be able to message you and I want to tell you this.’”…..”

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