Orchard Park nonprofit helps kids learn and grow

Good News Notes:

It’s no secret the pandemic has brought about a lot of challenges for everyone, but Jennifer Kline of Sensational Fun says young children especially, need to connect with others more than ever before.

Sensational Fun, a nonprofit that started in 2016, has seen dozens of kids learn, grow, and thrive.

“We had this past two years of delay in socialization and everything, so I think it’s time to make friends,” Kline said. “Give kids with all different abilities a place they can go that meets their needs. That’s designed specifically for them. But it’s also inclusive to everybody.”

That inclusively can be found in every room of the Orchard Park play space. With sensory activities and easily accessible toys, kids have the opportunity to develop outside the classroom or their home. With February break this week for many students, Kline is preparing for a lot of activities.

“This week, we’re starting ‘Frozen,’” she said. “We get really excited for the breaks, we transform the center and every day, we have half-day social skills, which kind of resembles a break camp, and we have free open play for all families.”

View the whole story here: https://www.wivb.com/news/local-news/erie-county/orchard-park/orchard-park-nonprofit-helps-kids-learn-and-grow/

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