Martin Lewis gives Leeds Money Buddies charity £50,000 donation

Good News Notes:

Leeds Money Buddies responded to Mr Lewis on Twitter during a discussion about rising energy bills, describing the charity as at “breaking point”.

To the shock of the charity, Mr Lewis replied: “If I were to donate £50,000 today, would you be able to get things in place to relieve pressure at speed?”

The charity said it meant the charity’s staffing hours could be increased.

The Money Buddies charity, which offers free impartial debt advice and budgeting support across West Yorkshire, said it had seen demand for its services double in recent weeks.

Mr Lewis’s donation would help staff work through its waiting list, it added.

Sylvia Simpson, the charity’s chief executive officer, said she had to “look twice” at Mr Lewis’s impromptu gesture, adding: “We’re absolutely delighted and very, very grateful.”

“It’s only a sticking plaster, but it can help us deal with the crisis we are facing, so it’s the biggest thank you ever,” she said.

“With the cost-of-living increase, it’s not just people on benefits, I might add. It’s people living in affluent areas with decent jobs. We’re all in this together.”……”

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