Common Heir Is on a Mission to Make Plastic-Free Skin Care That Works on All Skin Tones

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Common Heir — a plastic-free skin-care brand that launched a little over a year ago — isn’t interested in following beauty business as usual. In an industry where terms like ‘sustainability‘ and ‘inclusivity’ are used more often as buzzwords or tokens rather than actionable efforts, the brand, founded by Angela Ubias and Cary Lin, wants to redefine what’s expected of environmentally-friendly skin care.

Common Heir’s attempt at reinventing sustainable skin care began with no shortage of potential roadblocks. The launch of its first product — an encapsulated vitamin C serum — was planned just as the pandemic started. Because of this, the majority of the founders’ work, including some of their first meetings, was done remotely.

“Having to build everything together remotely was a huge challenge for us, and not part of the plan at all,” Lin, who also serves as Common Heir’s CEO, tells Fashionista. “I think the upside of working together remotely, as perfect strangers who hadn’t met each other before, was the transparency and clarity we gained from each other.”

“Communication was just paramount,” Ubias, who is also the company’s Chief Product Officer, adds. “We had to be our most authentic selves all the time and there was no room for misconstruing anything. It forced us to really get to know each other and have these conversations that would have felt uncomfortable had we had them in person.”

The pair had conversations about sustainability, inclusivity and even the future of the company early on, and while Ubias was initially balancing Common Heir with another job, she eventually came to join company brand full-time. “In the pause of the pandemic that was forced on all of us, I was in a really fortunate position to be able to reflect on what it is that I want to leave behind,” she says. She ultimately took the leap and left her job, believing in what Common Heir could build….”

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