Keurig Dr Pepper To Pilot Compostable Paper Bottle

Good News Notes:

Keurig Dr Pepper is developing a recyclable and compostable paper bottle that it will test in the United States.  

The No. 56 consumer goods company is teaming with Cologne, German-based packaging manufacturer PAPACKS for a bottle that uses fiber and organic materials, rather than the plant-based PET plastic or sustainably sourced pulp with polymer lining that’s found in some other paper-based packaging.

The ultimate goal is for the bottle, label, cap, and closure to be compostable or able to be recycled with other paper products in the majority of U.S. communities, supporting Keurig Dr Pepper’s commitment to reduce its use of virgin plastic by 20% by 2025.

The prototype of the new bottle is expected later in 2022, and KDP will pilot the packaging in select products, including water, juices, and carbonated beverages.

The food and beverage company, which in addition to its namesake brands includes such brands as Green Mountain, Peet’s Coffee, Bai, and Evian, also teased a few other sustainable initiatives, including the development of a home compostable K-Cup pod. It’s also said to be working to improve recyclability of multipack beverage carrier materials and increasing use of recycled content through its beverage packaging and coffee brewer portfolio….”

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