Elementary students recognized as heroes for helping teacher in crisis

Good News Notes:

First graders at an Alabama elementary school are being hailed as heroes for taking quick action to help their teacher during a medical emergency.

“It was scary for me because I knew that they were going to have to see something probably that they didn’t need to,” said Tracy Hodges, a first-grade teacher at Cedar Hill Elementary in Ardmore, Alabama. “But I didn’t know any other way because I couldn’t find my way out the door.”

The fateful school day in January began like any other. There were fewer students in the class than normal, 12 instead of the usual 18, because several of them were at home due to Covid. The children who were at school were sitting at their desks after singing and dancing around the classroom. Hodges says she felt fine that morning but soon noticed her vision was becoming blurry. 

“I couldn’t even find the door and I couldn’t make out the three children who were sitting in front of me,” said Hodges.

Her students noticed she was behaving differently but weren’t sure what was happening at first because they had just finished a playful exercise.

“Mrs. Hodges was shaking and we thought she was just joking,” said six-year-old Dalton Widener, who was in the classroom at the time. “Then she fell out of the chair and hit her head.” 

Seven-year-old Emily Johnson said that’s when the class knew something was wrong.

“She fell out of the chair and her glasses fell off and she dropped,” said Johnson.

Before losing consciousness, Hodges says she remembers asking the kids to go for help but wasn’t sure if they would understand. But the kids received the message loud and clear. While two remained with Hodges in the classroom to make sure she was alright, the rest split up to cover more ground in the hallways….”

View the whole story here: https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/humankind/2022/05/08/elementary-students-heroes-helping-teacher-crisis/9643202002/

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