Solar Electric Yacht: A 130-Foot Solar-Electric Trimaran concept is inspired by the Roman Empire

Good News Notes:

A new trimaran concept from Van Geest Design, called Domus, is modeled on single-story homes built in the times of the Ancient Roman, RobbReport post reveals.

The name Domus comes from the Ancient Latin word for “house”. The designers chose that particular point in history as inspiration partly due to the sense of prestige it lends their vessel, but also because the ancient design lends itself well to an incredibly spacious interior.

The Domus concept was created as part of a partnership with Kinsale, Ireland-based Rob Doyle Design. According to Van Geest, the 130-foot trimaran has double the interior space of a catamaran of the same size. 

Like the ‘Domus’ of Ancient Rome, this new vessel is connected via a central atrium. The entire trimaran measures a spacious 8,500 square feet, split into an interior of two decks and six guest cabins, including two owner’s suites. Impressively, it also still has space for a cinema, saloon, bar, gym, swimming pool, and spa. 

A zero-emission trimaran

Van Geest also says the Domus will be the “first truly zero-emission yacht over 750 gross tonnes.” It will combine solar power, hydro-regeneration, and hydrogen fuel cell technology to achieve that feat. On paper, it will generate an excess of solar energy during the day, which can be used to keep it running at night.

In keeping with that Ancient Roman theme, the Domus also features a sail, meaning it can unfurl its sails on run on good old renewable wind energy….”

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